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Create a nest that you'll love coming back to, every day

Declutter your space, declutter your mind.

Live Better Everyday

Wake up feeling inspired by your place, not decision fatigue and stress that it's not organized. 

Reduce stress

Decluttering can ease stress, helping you feel calmer and more focused. []

Increase productivity

A tidy space helps you think clearly and organize your thoughts, making it easier to get things done. []

Save time

When your things have a home, it’s easy to put them away and find.

Your place,
our mission

We believe that every place in your life deserves to be functional, personal, and pleasing. 


We place easy-to-maintain systems maintain a mellow flow and vibe

We thoughtfully declutter, pack, and unpack into an organized home

Boost productivity and reduce stress with a tidy and efficient workspace

Regular maintenance and deep cleaning

Our Organizing Process

Our organizing process fills your home with care, making it a place you'll love returning to every day.


By decluttering and tailoring the space to your needs, we help reduce stress and create a cozy, welcoming nest.


We evaluate your space, understand your needs, and create a tailored organizing plan to fit your daily routine and goals.



We gently help you let go of items that no longer fit your lifestyle, aligning your space with your values and eliminating chaos.



We simplify your life with easy-to-use systems tailored to your routines, designing a beautiful, functional space.

Style & Organize


We offer regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your space organized, whether through monthly visits or virtual check-ins.


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Mini Makeover


Get that "one" project done!​​

  • 10 onsite labor hours

  • 1-2 spaces

  • 2 donation carloads

Most popular

Refresh & Renew


Revitalize the busiest areas in your home!

  • 20 onsite labor hours

  • 3-4 spaces

  • 3 donation carloads

  • 5% hourly discount

Whole Home

Home Harmony


Comprehensive solution for a clutter-free home

  • 40 onsite labor hours

  • 4-5 spaces

  • 5 donation carloads

  • 10% hourly discount

  • 50% discount on follow-up clean

Build your own

Custom Comfort


Tailor-made organizing for your unique needs

  • 4 hour minimum

  • Number of organizers depends on scope

  • 1 carload donation per session

Organization Pricing & Packages

Let's talk about your dream nest

Let's have a judgement-free, no-hassle introductory call about your vision. 


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Routine Cleaning

Living spaces

  • Dust / wet wipe surfaces 

  • Vacuum & mop floors

  • Empty trash cans

  • Clean mirrors

  • Tidy loose items

  • Make beds 

  • Cobweb removal


  • Clean & Sanitize sinks

  • Polish chrome

  • Wipe down countertops

  • Clean appliance exteriors
    Vacuum & mop floors


  • Clean & disinfect toilets and baths

  • Clean sinks & countertops

  • Clean mirrors & polish chrome

  • Sweep & mop floors

  • Change towels (if left out)

Sample pricing

3 bed / 2 bath home

Every home is unique, and pricing may vary based on its current condition. 

Sample routine cleaning


Sample deep cleaning


Whole Home

Deep Cleaning

Routine cleaning plus

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Cleaning appliance interiors

  • Wipe cabinet exteriors

  • Dust blinds

  • Wash linens

  • Dishes

Additional services available

Cleaning Pricing & Packages